Frequently Asked Questions - Bitcoin Confidential is untraceable digital cash brought to you by the team at SmartCash

Where can I learn how to protect my privacy?

A great starting point to learn about privacy is

Is there a whitepaper?

There is a pre-whitepaper for Bitcoin Confidential available that outlines some of the initial ideas, features and need for an improved privacy coin solution.

What is Bitcoin Confidential?

Bitcoin Confidential is a new coin focused on confidentiality/privacy that will be Proof of Stake, using Ring Confidential Signatures and based on the latest Bitcoin codebase for compatibility.

Why the name Bitcoin Confidential?

Confidentiality is a more accurate term than privacy, and the technology is based on Bitcoin code so it is appropriate to continue the brand connection.

Why does Bitcoin Confidential exist?

To better implement privacy from day one and fulfill the mission that the team believes in, which is a completely private and fungible blockchain currency that is accessible to everyone.

Why not just add privacy features to SmartCash rather than create a Sister Coin?

Legislation is becoming unfavorable for confidentiality coins, so SmartCash will focus on merchant adoption first as the primary use case. SmartCash privacy features will be limited to 3rd party implementation, such as wallets with BIP-47.

How is Bitcoin Confidential actually confidential?

Through implementing the Ring Signatures (RingCT) protocol which will be required for every transaction from the genesis block to ensure all non-staking coin transactions maintain confidentiality of sender, receiver, and amounts sent.

Will there be masternodes?

No, Bitcoin Confidential will not include a masternode mechanism with regards to voting or uptime requirements for rewards. However, holders may stake their coins to receive rewards for securing the blockchain, and a node may be helpful to stay connected to the blockchain 24/7.

Will there be an airdrop?

Yes. For every 1 SmartCash in an address to which you hold the private key at the time of the airdrop blockchain snapshot, you will be able to claim 10 Bitcoin Confidential. The SmartCash blockchain snapshot for the Bitcoin Confidential airdrop already occurred on December 15th, 2018 at 07:00 UTC.