Bitcoin Confidential Features - Bitcoin Confidential is untraceable digital cash brought to you by the team at SmartCash

Untraceable payments using the RingCT privacy protocol required for all non-staking transactions to create a fully fungible blockchain for all users.

Improved version of Proof-of-Stake Protocol v3.0 with added features.

Ring Signatures require no trusted setup, group, or private key ceremony unlike zero knowledge proofs (zk-SNARKS).

Coin generation is trustless, verifiably secure, and with an auditable supply.

Self-funding budget for ongoing development, marketing and support.

Cold staking will allow offline wallets to earn rewards for securing the network 24/7.

Latest Bitcoin codebase for maximum compatibility and new features for wider adoption.

Open source code using the MIT License to support innovation.

Accessible to everyone, with a fair launch, early announcement and no premine.

The table below shows how Bitcoin Confidential compares to other privacy coins.

Bitcoin Confidential is a fully fungible cryptocurrency. As transactions are confidential, it’s impossible to link coins to historical transactions that can potentially lower their value. As a result of this, all Bitcoin Confidential coins are always worth the same.

Mainnet launched on April 26th 2019.

Brief specifications and technologies

Bitcoin Confidential is a privacy coin that only sends 100% private transactions.

  • Ticker: BC
  • Blocktime: 1 minute
  • Blocksize: 1 MB
  • Max Supply: 9.6 Billion
  • Sending Technology: RingCT
  • Staking Technology: Hot Staking and Cold Staking
  • Staking Confirmations: before spendable 100 blocks
  • Staking Period: 225 blocks
  • Staking connection supported: IPv4, IPv6, Tor

Estimated Rewards:
The first week rewards will be 1/20th to allow for a fair launch.

Block Rewards:
Bitcoin Confidential includes a funding mechanism by using 30% of the staking rewards to support long term development.

Coin Emission Schedule:

Port: Mainnet 9789
Testnet 19789
Regtest 29789

Rpcport: Mainnet 9790
Testnet 19790
Regtest 29790

RingCT (Ring Confidential Transactions) technology hides the sender and recipient data, as well as amounts, for all transactions in blockchain. This technology allows full confidentiality for each member of the network.

POS-algorithm allows any member of the network  to participate in the process of generating new blocks and validating transactions to receive rewards. For hot staking, the user needs to keep their wallet online, while cold staking allows funds to be offline while a remote node stakes for you.

Bitcoin Confidential is the only Bitcoin code based 100% anonymous spending cryptocurrency. This makes it easier to adopt in exchanges and 3rd parties than cryptonote based coins.

Bitcoin Confidential creates a new class of privacy coins, allowing all coins to be fungible and any member of the network to keep their privacy. Unlike other privacy coins with limited privacy features, Bitcoin Confidential has 100% anonymous transactions. Bitcoin Confidential has privacy enabled all the way from the first block. Compared with coins like Dash, Zcash, Komodo, Pivx, and Zcoin, all of which have privacy as an optional feature, it isn’t trivial to reject transactions that are private.

You can learn more about Bitcoin Confidential on the following resources:
Official website –
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