Bitcoin Confidential Features - Bitcoin Confidential is untraceable digital cash brought to you by the team at SmartCash

Untraceable payments using the RingCT privacy protocol required for all non-staking transactions to create a fully fungible blockchain for all users.

Improved version of Proof-of-Stake Protocol v3.0 with added features.

Ring Signatures require no trusted setup, group, or private key ceremony unlike zero knowledge proofs (zk-SNARKS).

Coin generation is trustless, verifiably secure, and with an auditable supply.

Self-funding budget for ongoing development, marketing and support.

Cold staking will allow offline wallets to earn rewards for securing the network 24/7.

Latest Bitcoin codebase for maximum compatibility and new features for wider adoption.

Open source code using the MIT License to support innovation.

Accessible to everyone, with a fair launch, early announcement and no premine.

The table below shows how Bitcoin Confidential compares to other privacy coins.